Kata (Alone) Will Never Build Internal Power


Trying to develop Internal Power by training kata (alone) in martial art is problematic.  On one hand, you may inadvertently have minor success in creating some internal connection over the course of 20-30 years of training, but you will most likely have no idea how you did it, no idea why it worked (minimally at…

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Gyokko Ryu’s Internal Power Training


There is no doubt in my mind that Hatsumi Sensei possesses unusual power in his budo.  Anyone who has trained with him can tell you that!  But what is it and where does it come from?  More importantly, how can YOU develop it as well? Soke’s martial movement displays many of the characteristics associated with Internal…

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We Were Once Warriors…


We Were Once Warriors… For centuries the warrior has been the archetypical model of physical fitness and power.  This is due to the extreme nature of their training and overwhelming odds that they must have had to go through waging war in the ancient world. The multifaceted development of skills required for the warrior’s brand…

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Training Through Injuries


Four weeks ago I injured my ankle.  The diagnosis?  Peroneal tendonitis.  Walking was painful.  Squating was painful.  Lunging was out of the question.  Heck, even balancing on my injured foot hurt.

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Training in the Elements


If you are a martial artist, it is essential to train your art outside in the elements.  Since most traditional arts were born outside, and not in a gym or dojo setting, it is important to every once in a while get back to the roots of your art.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but…

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The Ninja 300 – Advanced Level

Ichi Jump

Before proceeding onto this Advanced Level of my Ninja 300 Workout, make sure you have successfully completed the Level 1 Warm-up and the Level 2 Intermediate Workout!

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The Ninja 300 – Next Level

Bujinkan logo

Did you do the basic level of my Ninja 300 Warm-up?  How did you like it?  I’ve had several positive responses to the basic version, along with requests for the next level, so here you go!

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Kettlebell Training for Bujinkan Footwork


Recently I was asked about how to use a single kettlebell to train footwork for Bujinkan martial arts.  Here is a video I put together showing a couple different exercises to enhance stability and mobility for footwork training using the kettlebell.  Enjoy!!

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Are You a Martial Artist or Martial Hobbyist?


Sometimes the lines between martial artist and martial hobbyist get blurred.  How do you determine whether you are a true martial artist or just a martial hobbyist?  Here is a quick and easy way to find out… Martial Hobbyist or Martial Artist Quiz  Do you train only when it is convenient? Do you train only…

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Protect. Break. Leave Behind.


How can we train for the friction and chaos of battle when following a set fitness routine?  Physical preparation for combat readiness must be, by its very nature, a multifaceted approach.  If the combatants have to be ready for anything, shouldn’t their fitness regimen reflect that?  Surely the idea of training random workouts each and…

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