“Are you tired of not being able to move freely?
Are you tired of having a big belly and not looking as fit as you want to be?
Do you want to be better?
Do you want the credit for making yourself better?
Can you know that you can be a hero to yourself and your family?
Do you realize that being a fit parent makes your children proud of you and in turn a better parent and a better person?
Do you realize that the smile you see on your face was put there by you because of all the work that you did yourself to get there?
Do you realize that deep within yourself there’s a warrior waiting to be released?
Come train with Jon Haas at Warrior Fitness and let him help you reveal the ‘Warrior’ in you.”
John S. – Warrior Coaching Program Member
“Jon, May I take a moment of your time to pass on a complement. As a former Sales Executive (retired) I have dealt with many coaches. They all had some value to impart, but were too often very poor at the follow up. They expected that their system would work on all cases with the same rate of success. But the special calls were lacking and demonstrated to me a lack of concern. Your method of personalizing and following up with calls and emails to address specific needs is awesome. It gives me great comfort to know we will persevere and be mutually successful. Many thanks from a grateful student.”
Ron F. – Warrior Coaching Program Member
“There are workout programs and then there’s Warrior Fitness. What’s the difference? Warrior Fitness breaks away from your standard muscle group training and focuses on shaping and building your entire body. Since I’ve been following the program, I’ve lost weight, gained endurance and increased strength across my whole body. Bottom line is, the Warrior Fitness approach will give you meaningful results.”
Alex D. – Warrior Coaching Program Member
“The biggest thing I love about Jon’s program though hasn’t been the diets, the workouts, or even the results, but has been Jon’s persistence in hanging in there with me. Not every week is easy, but Jon’s always there to encourage and to offer practical advice on how to take it a step further. Without his involvement, I know I wouldn’t have been able to keep going on my own, particularly in a normal gym. The workouts have become fun, engaging, and challenging as Jon walks me through each one via video. Enough credit cannot be given to how passionate and engaged Jon is as a trainer, and how much of a difference that makes in my mindset in wanting to stick with it. For anyone questioning, Jon’s the real deal, and you will get the results you’re looking for if you’re willing to put in the effort.”
Jeremy F. – Warrior Coaching Program Member

“Jon has been training me for over two years now, and the strength, mobility, and energy that I have gained in that time are more then I could have imagined. I look forward to continuing to improve with Jon’s guidance.”

— Dan M.

“I speak from having a Bachelors Degree in Sport Science, and having been a fitness instructor in the mid to late 90’s. I have tried many different training regimes in the past but the Warrior Fitness class stands out for combining the following aspects required for a warrior:


The training is done as a group and focus is on completion of tasks as a team, encouraging each other regardless of level so that classes end with a sense of combined achievement.


Although many core parts of the body are repeatedly exercised the methods used are extremely varied and include practices from as many cultures around the world as possible.

Motor Learning

Many of the exercises educate the body to improve muscle co-ordination while under tension or ballistic motion. An extremely useful component for improving performance and prevention of injury.


Old or young, new or experienced, even injured the exercises are adapted to suit the individual or general enough that one can work within ones limitations yet still join in.


The exercises stretch and develop muscles key to not only martial arts but day to day living giving you some solid grounding for the warrior lifestyle.


Even after just one session the beneficial feeling of increased blood flow, looseness and co-ordination are experienced.


The level of training does not leave you too exhausted for a martial arts class to follow, too many regimes temporarily debilitate the performer making other activities less enjoyable and dangerous too. The threshold is just right so that maximum benefits can be achieved without losing focus on the main martial arts training.”

— Tony N.

“Jon Haas is an amazing Fitness Coach and Instructor. Those of us who practice Martial Arts have found that he knows exactly what our needs are to bring our bodies into proper conditioning for the training we undertake. As a coach, Jon has great insight and levels of observance to help guide us for our individual requirements. As an instructor, he keeps the spirits high and the maintains a steady progressive program. A product of his own routines, Jon has demonstrable strength and flexibility.”

— Ron F., 5th Dan, Bujinkan, age 72.

“Jon is an incredible instructor with a huge wealth of knowledge that he loves to share. He has not only designed efficient and effective training programs for me, but more importantly has taught me how to more accurately define my personal goals and get the maximum benefit out of each workout. I have a very hectic schedule, but Jon makes it easy to integrate my workouts with minimal time. He is very responsive to any questions I may have, and getting answers to my sometimes hard-to-articulate questions is usually as simple as sending him an email.

Jon has been training me for over two years now, and the strength, mobility, and energy that I have gained in that time are more then I could have imagined. I look forward to continuing to improve with Jon’s guidance.”

— Dan M.