Learn Secret Breathing Techniques That Can SUPERCHARGE The Training Program You Are Already Doing!

Your Breathing Underpins EVERYTHING You Do and is the Key to Unlocking Abundant Energy, Perfect Health, and Optimal Performance!

Every year dozens of new training programs come on the market teaching you everything from how to build massive strength, to torching fat, to gaining huge amounts of muscle mass…

Yet what if you could learn the ONE missing ingredient that would super charge your EVERY workout?

You’ve been breathing your entire life through every single situation and activity imaginable, right?  So what could you possibly be doing wrong?  Good question…

Let’s talk about Jon Haas’s new e-book and video titled Evolve Your Breathing: Essential Techniques For Optimal Performance. Evolve Your Breathing is a fantastic resource for learning a simple systematic approach to breathing that will not only increase your performance, it can change your life.” – Craig Gray (read the rest of Craig’s review HERE)

Most of us only stop to consider how we are breathing when there’s a problem….

When our sport, martial art, or fitness training pushes us to the point where we are completely out of breath and can’t recover fast enough.  

When we panic under severe stress.

When we are startled, surprised, or shocked.  

When we get sick with a sinus infection, cold or allergies, or have an asthma attack and can’t breathe…

But what if there were specific exercises we could do, protocols we could employ, techniques we could master that would allow us to bring our full strength potential to bear and allow us to function at an optimal level for long periods of time, even under extreme stress? 

What if these secret breathing exercises taught and used by high level martial artists and elite athletes were suddenly available to you?

– How would that change your game?

– How would that improve your performance?

– How would that increase your strength, endurance, and overall work capacity?

The NEW Evolve Your Breathing Program is the distillation of over a decade’s worth of study, research, and practice!

Evolve Your Breathing

Essential Techniques for Optimal Performance

 Learn unique and powerful breathing exercises drawn from martial arts, qigong, and yoga that will teach you how to Adapt AND Perform Under Stress!

Supercharge your energy and alertness


Dramatically extend endurance


Maximize recovery from oxygen debt in as little as 60 seconds


Drastically lower heart rate and blood pressure for stress relief


Increase threshold of pain tolerance

Learn how to match breath with exercise to boost effectiveness and efficiency


Teach you how to relax and wind down at night


Increase Thoracic Capacity and teach your body to more efficiently process oxygen



Evolve Your Breathing Package includes:

  • The Evolve Your Breathing Video contains live footage from Jon’s private Breathing Workshop. You get a look behind the scenes as Jon reveals these highly effective, and up-until-now, secret exercises for building lung capacity, supercharging energy, performing under stress, and much, much more! This video comes complete with detailed instructions and demonstrations of each breathing technique. This course is about how to use the breath to enhance ALL aspects of strength, health, stress management, and performance!

  • The Evolve Your Breathing Manual contains background, detailed written instructions, how to incorporate these powerful techniques into your daily routine, basic programming information, much more…

Get your copy NOW and start super-charging your performance today!

 Evolve Your Breathing Package (manual + video) ONLY $37!!



“Jon Haas’s new book, Evolve Your Breathing, is well worth reading. Too many people overlook this typle of training.” – Frank DiMeo, Owner/Head Coach Crossfit Gulf Coast

Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

The written material is in the PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. The video files are available in  MP4 and .wmv format. 

Evolve Your Vitality – Energy – Performance


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