The Yin and Yang of Strength


The art and science of becoming stronger can be broken down into 2 main methods. The Addition of Driving Forces (Yang), and The Subtraction of Restrictive Forces (Yin) When most people train for strength they focus solely on the Yang of Strength – the addition of driving forces. But this will only get you so…

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Form Begets Function


A new guest blog post by my friend, Jarell Lindsey owner of  Lean Functional Muscle. Form Begets Function I was scanning the posts of a fitness forum the other day, and I came across something that confused me a bit. The post was regarding the physique of one Sig Klein, you may have heard of him,…

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How Warriors Train for ENDURANCE


Warriors Need to HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the best ways to train for endurance. It will enhance all 3 energy systems in the body, as well as prime the nervous system to recover automatically during lulls in activity. Simply put, HIIT alternates periods of high intensity exercise with periods of…

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Top 10 Strategies for Optimal Health

road with sign pole and blue sky with clouds

“The way is not far from people. It is their expectation of the way that distances them from it.” – Zhong Yong We humans have a certain knack for overly complicating simple things. We think that if something is too simple sounding, it can’t possibly work. But often the opposite is true. Building vitality and…

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The Future of Functional Training – Interviews with The Masters

Rik Brown2

Looking Towards the Past As humans we have a tendency to Romanticize things of the distant past – Knights in shining armor, damsels in distress, Prehistoric eating habits, the idea of the Noble Savage, Warrior Princesses… Perhaps it’s Disney’s fault. 🙂 Regardless, the past, especially the distant past was never all sunshine and rainbows –…

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The Aiki Push-Up


The Aiki Push-up is a literally a one-stop-shop in the study of internal power building. It was rumored to be part of Daito Ryu master, Yukiyoshi Sagawa’s secret training regimen. Here’s a video where I explain the purpose and it and how to do it. Watch carefully as the Aiki Push-up may look similar to…

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Isometric Breathing – Lessons from Martin “Farmer” Burns

lessons in wrestling and physical culture

Martin “Farmer” Burns was a world champion Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestler as well as a coach of many other famous wrestlers such as the great Frank Gotch. In 1914, Burns published a 96-page mail-order course entitled Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture, which incorporated breathing techniques, calisthenics, stamina exercises, and wrestling techniques. It was made famous (again) in…

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The Mona Lisa and My Disgust with Tourists

Mona Lisa

I have to admit that waiting in line the other morning to get into the Louvre in Paris, France I was vibrating with  excitement. Leonardo Da Vinci has always been a hero of mine (more on Leo later…) and to actually stand in front of his most famous painting, The Mona Lisa, was something I…

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New Exercise – The Sword and Shield Protocol


Let’s talk about what it takes to achieve success in your fitness and martial art training… Here is the Warrior Fitness simple formula for training success: Specific Training + Frequent Practice = RESULTS Here’s an example of my Daily Personal Practice from earlier in the week that works on specific movement patterns I am trying…

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The Most Powerful Qigong Method


Zhan zhuang, or standing meditation exercise, has been used as a method of relaxation and health cultivation for thousands of years. The earliest known reference to standing appears inThe Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine. Martial arts master Wang Xiangzhai wrote the following in his book on zhan zhuang:   It is said that already 2000 years…

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