5 Reasons to NOT Train with Me


A bit tongue in cheek, but here are 5 excellent reasons why you should NOT train with me: 1)  If the price of your gym membership is the only deciding factor in where you train, please go to a commercial gym. 2)  If you do not care about ever achieving your fitness goals or getting…

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What Business Am I In?

The text for this post came from a speech I gave last week to my BNI (networking) Group… You may think you know and understand the business I am in, being that I own a gym.  Perhaps you think I am in the business of helping people lose weight, or get in shape (whatever that…

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The Worst Reason Ever

elbows on table

The other day my daughters and I were sitting in a local diner having breakfast.  As we sat there looking at the menus and discussing  what we were planning to order, my 4 year old looked at her older sister and said – “Hey!  Get your elbows off the table!” “No way!” replied my 12 year…

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The Most Powerful Form of Training

tiger in cage

“Look at this guy – he’s a beast!” “You’re an animal!” “He’s got beast strength!” In the fitness world it’s become very common to refer to extremely strong and capable individuals as “Beasts” or “Animals”.  We use these terms to separate them out from the regular crowd, to distinguish their strength as something more than…

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Why I Hate Kickboxing

warrior boxing

For months now people have been asking me to implement a Kick Boxing program at Warrior Fitness Gym.  I’ve been resisting the pressure mainly due to one important factor – I hate kick boxing. 🙂 Allow me to clarify.  I hate what real kick boxing has devolved into, the dreaded “cardio” kick boxing.  To me,…

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Time to Reorganize Priorities

Stephen Covey Quote

I spent all morning today running around with my 4 year old doing a bunch of errands.  We went to Story Time at Barnes & Noble (she loves that!), then to the bank, to the post office (where I shipped out one of the last paperback copies of Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts!), then…

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Why Should YOU Train Like A Warrior?

Jon Shizen

Upon hearing the name of my gym, Warrior Fitness Gym, and my 30 year martial arts background, many people become hesitant and ask me, “Do I need to be a martial artist to train with you?  Do I have to be a warrior?”  The answer to the first question is no and the answer to…

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Top 7 Exercises for Warriors

Burpee 4

Here is the list I put together of my Top 7 Exercises for Warrior Training.  Not that these are the ONLY exercises you should do or would ever need but, if I were forced to narrow down my selection to my top 7, these would be my picks. The great thing about this list is that…

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Stay The Course


Over the past few early January 2013 evenings I’ve been thinking deeply about my mission in life.  Some of my thoughts formed themselves into the lines below as I sat writing in front of my computer. My goal here is to reach out to all those people who never quite manage to keep their resolutions and…

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7.5 Steps to NOT Achieving Your Fitness Goals in 2013


How to NOT Meet Your Fitness Goals for 2013…. I hope you all brought your sense of humor with you into the New Year.  Here are my 7.5, obviously tongue in cheek, suggestions for NOT meeting your fitness goals in 2013.  If you read carefully you may find hints as to how to properly go…

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