Unified Strength **NEW**

The Ultimate 10 Week Transformation Program  for Dynamic Stability, Advanced Mobility, and Enhanced Martial Power

Sledgehammer Domination **NEW**

Sledgehammer Domination is the ultimate low-tech, high yield training program for forging elite functional fitness.

Vital Force: The Yin of Strength

Vital Force: The Yin of Strength is an easy-to-learn health maintenance program combining dynamic mobility with age-old Qigong energy work, and breathing exercises.

It is specifically designed to increase your body’s vital energy, open up the joints, enhance recovery from exercise, and reduce stress. This program can be used by anyone regardless of age, health, or physical ability.

WarFit Combat Conditioning Program

An 8-Week Combat Conditioning Program That Will Forge A Warrior’s Whole-Body Strength, Endurance, and Toughness

The Strong(er) Over 40 Program

The exact fitness, nutritional, hormonal, and mindset blueprint that you need in order to get stronger, build more muscle, have more energy, and increase flexibility and mobility after the age of 40.

Integrated Strength Program (Video and Manual) 

Ever wonder if you could have it all in your training?  Integrated Strength combines the best of Unconventional Strength training exercises with Internal Power Building training for a unique and comprehensive way of building whole body strength.

Ninja Mission Program 1  (Video and Manual)

You will train like the ninja of feudal Japan preparing body, mind, and spirit through rigorous physical training and martial practice.


Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts (e-book)

The flag ship book that started it all!  Warrior Fitness will help you and your students attain a new level of strength, flexibility and endurance quickly and with little chance of injury. Warrior Fitness combines old school fitness with modern exercise science.

Martial Power Program (e-book and video)

The Martial Power Program is for those traditional martial artists committed to taking their body, mind, and spirit to the next level!  This program is for people who are serious about learning how to functionally integrate high level fitness training into their martial arts practice!

Warrior Fitness Guide to Striking Power (e-book)

Specific Physical Preparedness for ALL striking arts from old school Traditional Martial Arts to modern MMA! Learn how to build a powerful structure to stabilize punches, kicks, and martial movement! Discover how to use low-tech, high yield tools to strengthen strikes throughout a range of motion!

Evolve Your Breathing (e-book and video)

Essential Techniques for Optimal Performance!  Learn unique and powerful breathing exercises drawn from martial arts, qigong, and yoga that will teach you how to  Adapt AND Perform Under Stress!

Dad Strength Program (e-book)

A full 10 week program to go from Dad to Super Dad!  A Three-Phased approach to Recover and Sustain Strength.  Awesome for men in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond!


Combination Packages **NEW**

Bundle Warrior Fitness Programs together and save over 50%!


  • Clark Smith

    March 19, 2010

    Good Day Alex
    I thank you for this opportunity, yes I stretch and work out be for I work on my taijutsu at lest an hour each or more if time alows.
    Bet Regards
    Clark H Smith

  • Jon

    March 20, 2010

    Hi Clark,

    I think you may be confusing Alex, who wrote the excellent testimonial of my book above, with me. But, either way, glad to hear you are working out and training!