Not a Warrior? Not a Problem.

Although Warrior Fitness has it’s origins in the martial arts, you do not need to be a martial artist to benefit from my program. Since it’s inception, I have continued to test and refine the Warrior Fitness methodology to work with and help almost any level of fitness from couch potato to high ranking martial artist, and everyone in between.

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Goals for 2010

Welcome to Warrior Fitness in 2010. This year, like every year, is full of potential. It’s a new beginning, another opportunity to change, to reinvent yourself for the better. To make improvements by forging your body physically, challenging yourself mentally, and growing spiritually.

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Are You FIT to be a Warrior?

It goes without saying that the role of a warrior in society is to protect self and others. Yet, how many of us aspiring warriors don’t realize that health, fitness, and overall well-being are the primary qualities on the forefront of “self” defense? Most of us may train our entire lives without ever being involved…

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