The Warrior Success System

The Warrior Success System is my premium training experience where I guide you step by step through the process of becoming super functionally strong, highly conditioned, and built like a lean, muscular warrior machine.

This program will most certainly not be for everyone...

But, if you are at the point where you have tried everything, are sick of mainstream fitness, and ready to put yourself into a proven, results-driven system than this is the program for you.

  • Do you want a powerful, muscular warrior-like physique?
  • Do you want old school, real world strength that never quits?
  • Do you want the serenity of a zen monk combined with the discipline of a samurai?
  • Do you want mental toughness, durability, and spiritual fortitude?
  • Do you want to discover how to develop success and toughness outside of the gym or dojo?
  • Do you want to know how to build unbeatable strength in mind, body, and spirit?
  • Do you want to develop tendons of steel and full range, pain-free movement?

Client Testimonials...

Jon aside from being a great guy, is a great coach and teacher as well. Everyone learned a lot. I highly recommend Jon or his system to anyone!”                                          

– Rick Ray, Owner Bujinkan Makoto Dojo


As a policeman for the last twenty years I have always tried to maintain a warrior type lifestyle, physically and mentally.  Jon’s workouts, way of thinking and training definitely reinforce these ideals.  By practicing Jon’s workouts, staying fit, and practicing martial arts, I feel I can be ready for whatever the job may bring.

Jon’s instruction and work outs help with strength, mobility and breathing like you wouldn’t believe.   I would recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in being fit mentally and physically. Thanks again Jon!

Sgt. William Speck, Training Division, North Plainfield Police Dept.


This program did wonders for me personally, because it took my Taijutsu to another level and pushed me to new highs that I didn’t know that I had in me.

As for my school ( Bujinkan Virginia Budo) the benefits are now endless. The way Jon Haas took his time to break down each and every exercise step by step, and explain the benefits of the exercise and how it translates to the dojo and/or the gym, will help me to help my students with their taijutsu strength training.

Jon Haas, thank you for your time and patience and guidance and continued support in this wonderful program. I am proud to be a certified fitness warrior.

Vaughn T. Aiken, Shidoshi-ho Instructor Bujinkan Virginia Budo


Jon is one of the most knowledgeable teachers/coaches/trainers I know. I have no martial arts background, but he has decades of it. It was fascinating to hear him talk about program design, cuing, breath work, mobility, flexibility, strength training, etc., from his martial arts perspective. He shared copious amounts of relevant, well-thought out information and kept it fun and engaging. Thank you Jon Haas!”

Lin Goldkrantz, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, YTT200 Yoga Instructor, CETI-Cancer Exercise Specialist, NETA-Senior Fitness Specialist, AFPA-Holistic Nutrition Specialist, and Jon’s client


“Are you tired of not being able to move freely?

Are you tired of having a big belly and not looking as fit as you want to be?

Do you want to be better?

Do you want the credit for making yourself better?

Can you know that you can be a hero to yourself and your family?

Do you realize that being a fit parent makes your children proud of you and in turn a better parent and a better person?

Do you realize that the smile you see on your face was put there by you because of all the work that you did yourself to get there?

Do you realize that deep within yourself there’s a warrior waiting to be released?

Come train with Jon Haas at Warrior Fitness and let him help you reveal the ‘Warrior’ in you.”

John S. – Warrior Coaching Program Member

“Jon, May I take a moment of your time to pass on a complement. As a former Sales Executive (retired) I have dealt with many coaches. They all had some value to impart, but were too often very poor at the follow up. They expected that their system would work on all cases with the same rate of success. But the special calls were lacking and demonstrated to me a lack of concern. Your method of personalizing and following up with calls and emails to address specific needs is awesome. It gives me great comfort to know we will persevere and be mutually successful. Many thanks from a grateful student.”

Ron F. – Warrior Coaching Program Member

“There are workout programs and then there’s Warrior Fitness. What’s the difference? Warrior Fitness breaks away from your standard muscle group training and focuses on shaping and building your entire body. Since I’ve been following the program, I’ve lost weight, gained endurance and increased strength across my whole body. Bottom line is, the Warrior Fitness approach will give you meaningful results.”

Alex D. – Warrior Coaching Program Member

“The biggest thing I love about Jon’s program though hasn’t been the diets, the workouts, or even the results, but has been Jon’s persistence in hanging in there with me. Not every week is easy, but Jon’s always there to encourage and to offer practical advice on how to take it a step further. Without his involvement, I know I wouldn’t have been able to keep going on my own, particularly in a normal gym. The workouts have become fun, engaging, and challenging as Jon walks me through each one via video. Enough credit cannot be given to how passionate and engaged Jon is as a trainer, and how much of a difference that makes in my mindset in wanting to stick with it. For anyone questioning, Jon’s the real deal, and you will get the results you’re looking for if you’re willing to put in the effort.”

Jeremy F. – Warrior Coaching Program Member

 “I speak from having a Bachelors Degree in Sport Science, and having been a fitness instructor in the mid to late 90’s. I have tried many different training regimes in the past but the Warrior Fitness class stands out…

Old or young, new or experienced, even injured the exercises are adapted to suit the individual or general enough that one can work within ones limitations yet still join in.

The exercises stretch and develop muscles key to not only martial arts but day to day living giving you some solid grounding for the warrior lifestyle.

Tony N.

 “Jon Haas is an amazing Fitness Coach and Instructor. Those of us who practice Martial Arts have found that he knows exactly what our needs are to bring our bodies into proper conditioning for the training we undertake. As a coach, Jon has great insight and levels of observance to help guide us for our individual requirements. As an instructor, he keeps the spirits high and the maintains a steady progressive program. A product of his own routines, Jon has demonstrable strength and flexibility.”— Ron F., 5th Dan, Bujinkan, age 72.

“Jon is an incredible instructor with a huge wealth of knowledge that he loves to share. He has not only designed efficient and effective training programs for me, but more importantly has taught me how to more accurately define my personal goals and get the maximum benefit out of each workout. I have a very hectic schedule, but Jon makes it easy to integrate my workouts with minimal time. He is very responsive to any questions I may have, and getting answers to my sometimes hard-to-articulate questions is usually as simple as sending him an email.

Jon has been training me for over two years now, and the strength, mobility, and energy that I have gained in that time are more than I could have imagined. I look forward to continuing to improve with Jon’s guidance.”

— Dan M.

 “Warrior Fitness training is not your run of the mill training. Jon offers great variety and levels of intensity, which helps when you are either just starting out in a training program or coming back from having a baby, which was me. I was able to reset my thinking as far as eating habits, which is a daily challenge to not fall into bad habits but knowing how great I feel when I'm eating right and getting my work outs done it's worth it! When I first started my goal was to gain my core strength back and get stronger than I was pre-baby, which I am certainly back to pre-baby strength, now it's time to go further smile emoticon about 3 months ago I signed up to do a 10k in November, which would be my first 10k...I can attest that the strength training has only made it possible to improve my overall running performance. To this I say, what are you waiting for? Get started!” - Caroline O.

“I want to thank you for all your guidance and patience. You are an example of a true professional and I respect and admire you.” - Mary Lou C.

"As someone that doesn't really like to exercise, Jon has made each of our workouts enjoyable. He pushes me to work hard and keeps me motivated. I have seen results and he has given me the tools to be successful..." - Jessica P.

"Jon made me fall in love with working out again. I was in a funk and hated going to the gym. Then I started training with Jon over the summer & I realized how much I loved it... Every week he comes up with new exercises to help get me stronger and working harder. I come away from every session feeling exhausted, but also feeling happy & motivated. No matter what level of shape you’re in, Jon can create the perfect training for you! Working out with Jon is my favorite part of my week & I am thankful he has given me so many great tools to continue my success by myself!" - Amanda L.

Here's What You're Getting When You Invest in the Warrior Success System Premium Coaching Program Today...

  • The Warrior's Top Functional Exercises

    Highly Effective Unconventional Functional Training to Develop Real-World, 3 Dimensional Strength, Powerful, Pain-Free Movement, and Non-Stop Endurance for Those Sick to Death of Mainstream Fitness…

  • Comprehensive 3-Month Training Plan

    A completely individualized training plan based on your personal fitness goals. One-on-One coaching guidance every step of the way. A proven system formatted individually to meet your specific needs and goals. It will evolve and change with your increasing skill and performance.

  • Powerful Workouts to Transform Your Body

    Step-by-step workout guides and video instruction teaching you how to build super strong, lean functional muscle while burning fat at the same time.

  • Warrior Performance Nutrition Plan

    Learn how to eat to burn fat, build whole-body lean muscle, and dramatically increase health and energy! No counting calories. Put fat-burning and muscle-building on autopilot!

  • The Warrior's Philosophy Training

    The mental training tools you need to build a positively unbeatable mind. The direct, real, and powerful application of the warrior’s philosophy of excellence in your day to day life.

  • Cutting Edge Recovery Techniques

    Comprehensive recovery techniques and tactics combining the best of flexibility, mobility, breathing exercises to make sure you are moving pain-free and keep your gains coming without a plateau.

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