Settling for Imperfection

I’ve got some news for you.  You will never be perfect at anything.  Not your strength, not your conditioning, not your martial art, not your job, not your relationships, nothing.  You will never even be able to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Nope.  Not ever.

So what does that mean?

Should you simply stop trying right now? I mean, since you’ll never be perfect at anything, what’s the point, right?  Why bother? Why struggle and make the effort?  Well, I think the struggle is the point. It’s the process, not the goal.  It’s what struggling and reaching and trying make of you that is the important thing.  The journey itself, not so much the destination.  In any worthwhile pursuit, like budo (martial arts to you non-budo people) for example, there is no end to the learning.  The study is so vast and so deep you could pursue it for several lifetimes and still not reach the end.

The late, great Brandon Lee once said, “With what level of imperfection will you settle?”  I think this is what he was talking about.

brandon lee

How content are you with your current level of skill in your martial arts practice? How satisfied are you with your current level of strength and conditioning at the gym? How happy are you with your current job, status, level of wealth, or relationship(s)?

Are you willing to settle for where you are right now in one or all of those categories, or do you want more?

The question you need to ask yourself in each of those areas is Brandon’s – with what level of imperfection will you settle? Where will you stop growing, pushing, struggling, changing, expanding your capacity, living up to your potential?  When will you stop?

Or will you ever stop?

Keep Going!

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