The Secret to Creating Highly Effective Workout Programs for Both Martial Artists and Combat Athletes

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  • Highly Effective Workouts Focused on Functional, Real-World Strength and Muscle Building…

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  • Peak Performance Improvement for ALL Martial Arts…

  • Dynamic Mobility and Resistance Band Warm-up and Prehab to Significantly Decrease Risk of Injury and Build a Safety Valve into ALL Movement…

  • Warrior Flexibility Cool Down Routine to Remove Residual Tension and Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness…

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     Don’t just take my word for it though, read what some of my students have to say…

    “I started following Jon a little while ago and put into practice some of his ideas and principles from his blogs into my workouts and when Jon offered a few people to beta test his new WarFit program, I had to try it out. Each training day was a welcomed challenge, there were some techniques I have never performed before and the tutorial videos Jon shared helped shorten my learning curve to maximize the results. The combinations for each of the training days left me with a feeling of a balanced full body workout and performing the joint mobility with the band exercises before training and on the off days kept the muscles from feeling tight or sore compared to my normal routine. After the first couple of days there was an extra sense of well-being both physically and mentally. It’s hard to put into words how I felt after the two weeks were done. I would sell this program short if I just said “I felt great.” … there were definitely some internal changes happening that even my coworkers noticed and commented “There is something different about you. What have you been doing?”  If this is happening after two weeks, imagine after the full program. I for one, am looking forward to starting from the beginning and to share my results. Jon, great Job on this program and thank you for the opportunity to participate.”

    -Jaymes Rexroth, Bujinkan Martial Arts Student


    “What can I say, this program is awesome and I have tried a few however this one gives me the just what I was looking for.

    Jon Haas well done!”

    -Michael Pitt, Taishinrei Bujinkan Dojo


    “I tried Jon Haas’ Warfit program and was impressed! This is the first fitness program I have tried in recent years. The Warfit program is laid out in a very easy to use format with schedules and routines setup. There were many exercises I never heard of before but Jon also included video links for the routines and exercises which made it easy to understand also. I found the work out to be very challenging yet inspiring. Jon obviously has a wealth of knowledge in the martial arts and fitness realm. As a martial artist (and someone that needs to get fit!), I would highly recommend the Warfit program for anyone that wants to be serious about taking fitness to another level!!”

    -Jamie Yugawa, Martial Arts Student


    “In my opinion WarFit is a great program! Jon has provided great detail in this program and it is very easy to use. It is presented to you with great explanations and step by step instruction. it’s all laid out in front of you all you have to do is DO IT! Warfit will give you muscle hypertrophy, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, Mobility and functional and tactical strength. I really enjoy the set rep schemes that Jon uses along with the different protocols and the way he combines them. This program has the feel of old school bodybuilding, calisthenic resistance training along with modern tactical functional training. I like that each day has a different focus. Again, it is a very well-thought-out program and I know it will give you great results – I know it kicked my butt!”

    -Rick Ray, CEO and Head Instructor of Rick Ray’s Warrior Arts Academy

    “I met Jon about six years ago at an internal martial arts seminar and I’ve been following his work on Facebook and watching his progress…Jon’s program affects all the tissues of the body and cultivates the connectivity of the whole body for an overall conditioning more appropriate for martial arts and a whole-body glow that is unusual in my experience. I wasn’t able to do all the sets recommended, by any means, but they’re the kind of exercises you can take at your own pace and work up to, or start all-out and still have plenty of room to push yourself all the way to the wall. It’s a program for nothing but real, mainline fitness and I doubt that many people can complete it without some serious effort and challenge. I can recommend Jon’s WarFit program to anyone who wants overall strength, flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular power to support their most important purposes in life.”

    -David Orange – Aikido, Karate, Kenjutsu Teacher

    Get The Complete WarFit Combat Conditioning System Today for Just $49 $37!

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    I am absolutely sure that you will get amazing RESULTS from my WarFit Combat Conditioning Program IF you put in the hard work! It is my PASSION in life to make sure you do! If, however, you are not completely satisfied with the WarFit Program for any reason, simply return it and I will refund 100% of you investment - no questions asked!


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