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The Warrior Workouts

A Free Resource Brought to You by Warrior Fitness…

The following is a free preview of my upcoming program of the same name, The Warrior Workouts.

This sample program consists of a complete 4 weeks of training and is designed to give you a taste of the various types of training methods used within the Warrior Fitness Training System.

Each of these workouts has been specifically crafted to provide complete, full-body strength, conditioning, and power for martial art, sport, or anything else life can throw at you!

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Jon Haas is a certified Underground Strength Coach and has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years. He has been training in the Budō Taijutsu arts of the Bujinkan for more than 22 years and is currently ranked as a Kudan (9th degree black belt) under Jack Hoban Shidōshi.
Jon is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for VX Global and is a certified VX Sport Coach.

He is the owner and founder of Warrior Fitness Training Systems and author of the book, Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts.

Jon Haas is also a certified conflict resolutions specialist through Resolution Group International (RGI)

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  1. Benjamin Kitaura says:

    Thanks for the great free resource!!! I’ll try each one and let you know what I think in the next month or so. I’ll also give you feed back on my results, looks like good stuff!

  2. My pleasure, Ben! Enjoy it and definitely let me know how it works for you!


  3. Hello Jon! Thanks for making this resource free, this is a big help for me.. that can’t afford to pay a huge amount of dollars. Looking forward for more and keep helping people to learn about this workouts.

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